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Bespoke drum tracks recorded for you straight from The Cavern

  • Drum Tracks (1 SONG)

    Multi-track drum stems for your song or production
    • High quality multi-track drum stems
    • Drums and tuning tailored to your sound
    • Captured with vintage and modern equipment
    • Revisions if required
    • Percussion Options (+£10)
  • Mixed Drums (1 Song)

    Prepared Drum Stems with Analog Flavour
    • Perfect for those less confident with mixing drums
    • Or who want to get straight to the fun part!
    • High quality multi-track drum stems
    • Broad EQ shaping and dynamic processing
    • Stem exports through analog equipment, tape & valve stages
    • Revisions if required
    • Percussion Optional (+£10)
  • Custom Sample Pack

    Build your music from the ground up with some solid drums
    • No more hours spent searching for that perfect sample!
    • Unique, tailored drum sounds only for you
    • No issues with copyright or sample clearance
    • Personalised Sample Pack including beats, fills & variations
    • Choose your tempos, styles, sound and inspiration
    • Multi-tracks or loops, one hits & FX
    • Request channels of certain vintage reverb or echo units
    • Percussion Optional (+£10)
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