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Dub Cavern Drums Loops & Samples Pack

A Rogers USA 1970's Drum Kit, Ludwig Supraphonic Snare Drum, Vintage Zildjian Cymbals, Timbale, Roto Drums

All Analog & Vintage Recording Equipment from the 60's, 70's & 80's

Loops Range from 65-85 BPM, all styles of reggae & dub including: Rubadub (roots radics style), Steppers, One Drop, Two Drop, Rockers and more, including swung & straight feels. All Drum Loops Full Performances From 40 seconds to 3+ minutes!
Processed Loops, Full Drum Mixes, Unprocessed Multi-track Stems & Processed Drum 'Busses' ('groups'). Perfect to get into building tracks & productions, dub mixing, or for getting deep into mixing drums and shaping your own sounds. 

Loops, Mixes, Stems, Percussion, One Shots.. All Coming in at just under 50 GB of Audio. 
(Files are delivered in 5 part zipped (.rar) format to lower download size)

Rubadub - Drum Mix
00:00 / 00:52
Dub Cavern Crucial Loops & Samples Pack

  • 126 Full Drum Loops, 38 Percussion Loops.

  • Vintage Rogers USA Drum Kit, 1974 Ludwig Supraphonic snare, 60's Zildjian crash cymbals.

  • Entirely Analog Recording using 1970's valve and solid state equipment & vintage microphones.

  • Full performances, From 40 seconds to 3+ Minutes!

  • 65 - 85bpm / 130 - 170bpm

  • 200 + Multi-Velocity One Shot Samples, Processed & Unprocessed.

  • Unprocessed Analog Multi-track Stems for every single drum loop and percussion loop.

  • Processed Drum Busses/Groups (Kick, Snare, Toms, Timbale etc).

  • Mixed Loops using Valve Compressors and Tape/Transformer Output Stages, including FX.

  • Styles Including Rubadub, One Drop, Steppers, Rockers, Two Drop, Stalag, Dancehall, - played in a mix of swung and straight feel.

  • Analog FX channels from Grampian & Valve Spring Reverbs + Stereo Lexicon Reverb.

  • Every Single Drum Loop has its own dedicated tambourine loop!

  • Over 3600 24-bit WAV Files in total delivered in compressed .rar format via download link.

The Dub Cavern Drums Crucial Loops Sample Pack is possibly the most comprehensive reggae & dub drum pack ever created. An authentically recorded selection of drum and percussion loops & samples perfect for producing late 70's and 80's style dub and reggae.Great attention has been paid to recording this drum pack in an authentic late 70’s/early 80’s fashion, using only the best in 1970's drums, microphones, transformer based & valve preamps & analog processing, along with the very best in German, Austrian and British microphones. No expense spared in the search for authentic rubadub tones!

More About The Recording...

This has been a labour of great time & love, so your support is appreciated. This pack has been made to work for everyone, regardless of experience and skill and at any stage of track building to final mixing.

The drum kit used for this pack is a 1970's Rogers USA set prepared, tuned and played in authentic style by Mikey Shaw (Dub Cavern). This is the perfect dub and disco drum kit.
The kit consists of:

  • 22" Kick Drum

  • 13" High Tom (muffled and resonant head removed)

  • 16" Floor Tom (muffled and resonant head removed) 

  • 2 different timbales were used in the pack converted from different older drums - a 14" Moroccan pan timbale and a 10" timbale.

  • 14" 1974 Ludwig Supraphonic LM400 Snare drum (slightly muffled)

  • 2 x vintage Remo roto toms for added melodic flavour!

  • 1960's Zildjian Hollow Logo Cymbals - a 18" K crash and a 14" A crash, A New Beat and K Hi Hats, alongside a Zildjian K Splash.

  • Percussion consists of: Tambourine, Small Kete drum, Scraper, Woodblocks, Cabassa and Flexatone

  • Effects/FX: Grampian 636 Spring Reverb made famous by Lee Scratch Perry and this very unit was used and signed by the man himself!

  • Westfinga custom Valve reverb - a beautifully over-engineered custom spring reverb, valve driven with various high pass settings.

  • Lexicon 224 reverb to add a little dimension and width to overheads and toms.

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Loops Pack File Structure
Loops Pack File Structure
Loops Pack File Structure
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Loops Pack File Structure
Loops Pack File Structure
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